FAQ: Amour Desserts Gift Card

Amour Desserts Gift Card

We are releasing our digital Gift Card, known as Amour Desserts Gift Card, for a limited time only. Get it here.

Ideal for gifts for loved ones if you are unsure of what to order for them :)

Also ideal if you would like to enjoy the special discount and snap it up for yourself, for your future orders with us.

 How to use Your Amour Desserts Gift Card

1. Purchase Your Gift Card 

Get your gift card here: https://amourdesserts.com.au/products/amour-desserts-gift-card

2. View Your Gift Card

You will receive an email confirmation regarding your gift card after payment is successfully made. Please note that our Gift Cards are delivered digitally.

*Please store this email carefully.

An email screenshot is below.

3. Obtain Your Gift Card Info

Click on the 'View Your Gift Card' in the email. You will be taken to your digital gift card. 

Your Gift Card will be have a unique 16-digit code.

Please keep this code private to yourself as others who have access would be able to use your gift card credit on our store.


4. Use Gift Card For Payment

When checking out of our website, enter the code from above into the discount code section. 

Click on 'Apply' and you should see your gift card credit is used to payment.

5. Complete Checkout

Proceed to complete the check out and your order will be confirmed. When your gift card balance is insufficient, you can then pay the balance via credit card or bank transfer as usual.

*Please note that payment using our gift cards are only valid for payment on our website and not in partner stores/cafes.

6. Check Your Balance

To check your Gift Card balance, refer to your email (Step 2).

Click on the 'View Your Gift Card' in the email. You will be taken to your digital gift card. Your balance will be shown just above your gift card (image below; in black box).

* There is no expiry date for your credit, so take your time to use them :)

If you have any questions, please contact us here.