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Amazing Mooncakes

I was gifted the Shanghai Lotus Mooncake from a friend. The first taste was like wow, I never tasted anything like it! It was so good I decided to try the one with egg yolk when extras were released for sale post Mid Autumn Festival. Really delicate and buttery pastry, smooth and not too sweet lotus paste, nice crunch with the seeds and even more amazing with the rich salted egg yolk. The wonderful taste proves it's made with a lot of love and care. Thank you!

Absolutely delicious, amazing soft texture and beautifully presented ✨

Beautiful, delicate mooncakes

These beautiful snowskin mooncakes remind me of living in Asia and celebrating the mid-Autumn harvest in different countries. I'm obsessed with traditional desserts like this! These have such a delicate flavour. My favourite is the white lotus. Love that they're vegan too, so I can eat them! Lovely service too – it was so nice that I didn't end up missing out on these. Will definitely buy again

Amour mixed mooncakes

Tried their mooncakes for the first time. Delicious! Love their lotus paste, very fresh and the sweetness is just nice. Taiwanese sesame mooncakes are nice too. Will definitely order again.

Snow mooncakes

These kind of mooncakes are different from what I had before. These are soft and not so sweet which is good. I found it to be a bit powdery for me. Overall it’s not bad 😊

Great moon cakes!

Loved them all!!! Will order again and so fresh!!


The Nyonya Sambal mooncake is honestly so delicious. It's a perfect match of sweet and savoury. The lotus paste is pleasantly sweet, with the perfect amount of spice from the sambal. Best part is when you get to the salted egg yolk! LOVE IT.


I've been vegan for 6 years and heaps of traditional stuff like this are not. It's so nice to be able to celebrate my heritage with these.
Thank you so much.

Delicious Traditional Mooncakes

Ordered this as a gift for my parents and their feedback was the mooncakes were amazing! So fresh, not too sweet and the melon seeds were a plus! Will definitely order again.

Good quality moon cakes

First time came across Amour Desert. Very happy with the moon cakes order. Love the vareity.

Delicious mooncakes

I love mooncake season and look forward to it every year. I was tentative about the melon seeds, as I've never had mooncakes with them before, but they really add a nice texture to the overall mooncake. The lotus paste was delicious, and the ratio of pastry to paste was perfect.

Unusual but good!

I love your Nyonya sambal Mooncake and your shortcrust Shanghai Mooncake. Yummy!!

It’s was a gift for my parents and they love the mixed pack.

Great variety of mooncakes, and very light and tasty.

Taste great and fresh

Sambal was my favourite though every piece were extraordinary. Great for buying as gift even sweet treats for yourself

Beautiful mooncakes

A really delicious mooncake, not too sweet and generously studded with melon seeds.

Fabulous mooncake!

Really delicious, love the umami from the pork floss.

Excellent mooncakes

Loved the mooncakes and very prompt delivery. Will definitely order again!

Fantastic taste

This is one of the best that I've tasted. The crust was so good. And the mooncake's flavour was balanced. The sweetness level was great for my family because we do not like too sweet fillings.

Awesome Flavour

The mix of flavours and texture in this mooncake was great. My family loved this. The sweetness level was a good balance. Will definitely order again.

Snow Skin Mooncakes

I'm in Sydney and ordered the snow skin mooncakes for delivery to my daughter in Melbourne. My daughter loved them. Unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity to try them.

Shanghai Moon cake

Pastry was crumbly and buttery,. Lotus paste wasn’t overly sweet and fragrant. Finished it up in no time! Will definitely order it again!

Purchased as a gift for relative, they loved it

Delicious moon cake

The lotus paste moon cake is delicious, not too sweet. The salted egg yolk is moist. Will buy again.


I absolutely love the mixed nut mooncake. The sweetness is just right.