Amour Desserts Reviews

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Love it

My daughters loved it. They can’t stop eating I have to portion so they don’t eat too much every day 😂. Not even a week and only these much left 😬

Absolutely delicious

Absolutely delicious cookies & cream chocolate sponge cake. So soft, light and not too sweet. Birthday boy and family loves it.
Thank you so much Er Rin.


We greatly enjoyed the roasted almond cookies as the cookies are crumbly and fragrant. Have been ordering almost every month as they are yummy and melts in your mouth.

The pandan layer cake taste yummy and not very sweet which is good

The cookies were a hit during the family gathering over the weekend.

Pandan Layer Cake (Loaf)
Christine Chang
Damn Sedap!

Not too sweet and its really tasty.

Yum Yum

Yummy tarts!

Sugi Cookies (30pcs)
Christine Chang

I like the texture.

Delicious, I particularly liked the rose flavour, but others preferred the pandan flavour.

Good and tasty

Not that moist but it’s good. Couldn’t give 5 star, as I taste many best Kue lapis. Still will buy again even the price quite expensive, as not many people have a good skill in making this Kue lapis.


This simply brings me back to the memory lane where I love to have these back at home!! Amour Desserts has really done a great job here!!!


Durian Delight Delish!

We love this durian delight very much!! It’s just the right amount of sweetness, taste is light, not overwhelming or too “cakey”/ thick. Size is just nice for 2 people (or more) to enjoy!

So tasty

Delicious! I would love to order again and try other flavours.


Marvellous taste. Loving it! The sweetness is just right. Will definitely order again

Old School Memories…

Lots of old memory flow back when eating these buttercream slices. Cake are very soft. If you like buttercream, this is the cake for you. 💯 %

Sugi Cookies (30pcs)
Veronica Mah
Sugi cookies

I love these sugi cookies. Haven’t have it for a long time. So additive I try not to finish them in one go!

Pandan gula Melaka Swiss roll

This is yummy and fluffy. Would prefer more gula melaka with the coconut.

Tastes like home

Buttery pastry, pineapple filling with just the right amount of tartness and sweetness. Everything about this was perfection. Worth every penny!

Dark and yummy

Absolutely the best chocolate cookie I've had in a while! Because it's not sweet you really taste the dark chocolate flavour which is so delicious! A must for any dark chocolate fans!

Taiwanese 3Q Mooncake
Catherine Tan
3Q Taiwanese Mooncake

Very unique taste and one of the best moon cakes that Amour produce.

Amazing Mooncakes

I was gifted the Shanghai Lotus Mooncake from a friend. The first taste was like wow, I never tasted anything like it! It was so good I decided to try the one with egg yolk when extras were released for sale post Mid Autumn Festival. Really delicate and buttery pastry, smooth and not too sweet lotus paste, nice crunch with the seeds and even more amazing with the rich salted egg yolk. The wonderful taste proves it's made with a lot of love and care. Thank you!

Absolutely delicious, amazing soft texture and beautifully presented ✨

Beautiful, delicate mooncakes

These beautiful snowskin mooncakes remind me of living in Asia and celebrating the mid-Autumn harvest in different countries. I'm obsessed with traditional desserts like this! These have such a delicate flavour. My favourite is the white lotus. Love that they're vegan too, so I can eat them! Lovely service too – it was so nice that I didn't end up missing out on these. Will definitely buy again

Amour mixed mooncakes

Tried their mooncakes for the first time. Delicious! Love their lotus paste, very fresh and the sweetness is just nice. Taiwanese sesame mooncakes are nice too. Will definitely order again.