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I like both desserts they taste yummy worth spending the money

Chocolate haven

All the guests loved the moist choc tea cake with Oreo cream! So soft and light and not too sweet! Thank you Er Rin!

Beautiful cheesecake

So fluffy and soft!

Once you pop you can't stop πŸ’ž

My family and I like them. Good balance of taste. They melt in your mouth. Highly addictive ..
what more can I say.. it finished before I can take a photo.

Mild yet milky

Melt in your mouth just like how sugi should be and yes they are Milky. My personal opinion which might not suit others is the lack of just a tad ghee / fatty taste. ☺️

Chocolate with a crunch

These cookies taste just right. A good balance of chocolate with a crunch in the middle. Finished it all before any photo can be taken πŸ˜‚

D24 Durian Crepe (2pcs)
Siew Considine
D24 Durian Crepe (2pcs)

This was delicious.

D24 Durian Delight
Siew Considine
D24 Durian Delight

My family and I love this.

Highly Recommended πŸ‘

This cake was thoroughly enjoyed by all my friends. The sponge is light and fluffy. We all had seconds and one of my friends said he will order this cake for his mum when she next visits. Thank you for such a lovely and enjoyable cake. Totally love it πŸ˜‹

Melt in your mouth pineapple tarts

Love the pineapple tarts. It melts in your mouth and the pineapple filling is tart and not too sweet. Really yummy and reminds me of the ones back home.

Cookies and cream chocolate sponge cake

My girl loved the cake for her 21st bday as cookies and cream is her favorite flavor. Thank you very much!
Look forward to the tea cake party size for her party coming Sat!

Durian crepe

This was amazing. The durian and cream filling were perfectly balanced out. I would reorder in a heartbeat if my heart allows πŸ˜‚

Yummy cake! Will order the whole cake next time

An Oldie but a Goodie!

One of my favourite cakes to eat. Love the softness of the perfectly baked cake. Not too sweet with a fragrant butter aroma.

Best pineapple tarts!

I've eaten many pineapple tarts and this is one of the bests! The generous filling has the perfect balance of sweet and sour. The pastry is buttery and soft. Highly recommended!

A must for kek lapis lover

I have tried many kek lapis. If you are in Melbourne, don't bother going elsewhere. Kek lapis at Amour Desserts has the right flavours. However, traditional kek lapis is Slightly more moist. Overall, marvelicious

Pandan durian Swiss roll

Really light and full of durian , very tasty

Three types of cakes ordered

We liked the Layered Pandan Cake the best out of the Kueh Lapis and Sugee Cake. My boys commented that the cakes were just sweet and not overly sweet as most cakes are. We like that. We will definitely order more next time.

Crowd pleaser

Cake is very soft fluffy and light. Irresistibly good. Finished in a jiffy. Highly recommended

Tasty and Nice Presentation

Yummy and tasty. Well presented. I like it because it is not too sweet

Coffee swiss roll

Absolutely love Swiss roll.sVery soft and fluffy and you can actually taste the flavours,

Awesome present!

The bouquet looks so real! and the taste is yummy too. Thank you for the awesome product.

grace koh

the best so far in melbourne

grace koh

very nice.will reorder

Delicious cakes!

The durian cake was so good, cake was soft and fluffy and with the durian filling and cream, every mouthful is so delightful, can't stop eating.